Yin Yang Tea

A tea lover confessed that he does love green tea, although he doesn’t crave for it yin yang teas Chinese is particularly one to love. Tea is green which means that it has cold properties. The traditional Chinese medicine is basically about balance. If your body is not in harmony, it leads to sickness. This balance is brought about by yin and yang. Yin contains cold and darkness as well and stuffs that are related to the feminine and the moon while yang is associated with fire, heat as well as masculinity.


It may seem a bit odd to combine all these qualities, but it was all brought about by the ancient wisdom, which I prefer not to differ.

The relationship between yang and yin is many a time described regarding playing over a valley and a mountain. Yin is a ‘shady place’ and is the dark area that is occluded by the mountain’s bulk whereas yang is the brightly lit portion and the south slope or sunny place. As the sun moves across the sky, yang and yin gradually trade places with each other thus revealing what was obscured as well as obscuring what was revealed.

Yin is also often characterized as soft, slow, diffuse, passive and wet and usually associated with the moon, femininity, and the moon and night time. Yang, however, contrastingly is hard, fast, stable, dry, hot and active and is typically associated with the sky, fire, the Sunday time as well as masculinity.

As earlier mentioned, teas Chinese is usually considered as Yin generally, but roasted oolong, black teas, and puerh are more of yang. Matcha has been trendy for many years now, and it is considered as yin as you drink the entire leaf. Tea is cooling already thus not so necessary to ice it as it isn’t recommended by the TCM although it does not mean that it should not be done at all.

The Ingredients
Yin Yang tea typically contains the particular organic green tea that has unique materials from China. It also has universal high energy as well as the Yin Yang balancing power signals. However, it lacks caffeine. All these ingredients contribute to the unique properties of this tea. It is originally from the Chinese who first discovered it as a healing tea.

This tea also helps one renew their energy levels as one of its users said that she felt younger and more energetic after sipping on the tea. More of its advantages are that it helps balance the acid and alkaline in the body, promotes sound sleep, supports proper diet and achieves weight balance among much more.

Just a cup of breakfast is not essential to help one gain the required boost throughout the day thus one requires teas China, the Ying Yang tea to help provide an enormous amount of energy as well as the right morning start. It is tea that does not disappoint thus if at all you are looking for the good early morning starts, then this is one cup of tea to take.

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